“Greens traditionally have been looking to develop a new system that goes beyond both capitalism and its socialist opposition in a new society that bases itself on the understanding that all things in the world are interrelated (Ecology), that all persons deserve equal rights and opportunities in this world (Social Justice), that governments should be controlled by the people through real democratic process and structure (Grassroots Democracy), and that violence should never be initiated as a way of solving any problems (Non-violence).” Courtesy of Les Evenchick, Green Party of Louisiana


Bronx Greens is a community based group which has been active in the Bronx since 1997.  We are affiliated with the worldwide Green Movement which has been the birthplace for Green Parties around the world including the United States The group has undergone a number of changes in that time but has remained consistent in our dedication to the Green values of Democracy, Social and Economic Justice, Peace through Nonviolence and Ecological Wisdom.


Working For A Strong Community

There is strength In unity; let’s work together on issues that concern our community. Bronx Greens has hosted a number of events and organized or participated in the following:

  • A forum on alternative filtration for the Van Cortlandt Park water filtration plant
  • Tutorials around the city on the problems of electronic voting
  • Advocating for cyclists rights
  • Testimony before the Mayor’s Task Force on Election Modernization
  • Testimony before the City Council in favor of a Peace Tax Fund
  • Testimony at MTA hearings against fare hikes and service changes
  • Annual particpation in the Bronx Parks Speak Up
  • Get Involved With  Bronx Greens’ Activities
  • Production and publication of The Green Light – the newspaper of Bronx Greens
  • Help plan fund raisers
  • Attend our regularly scheduled meetings
  • Work with other grassroots organizations
  • Join one of our committees…or start your own

Statement of Principle

Bronx Greens supports civil rights and liberties, social and economic justice, grassroots political and economic democracy, demilitarization and the abolition of war, and a sustainable environment. Bronx Greens seeks to unite people committed to these principles into a non-partisan community action group that is democratically controlled and financed by its members.

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