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Green Party Teachers to Apply for Cathie Black’s Position as Chair of Hearst Magazines

Green Party Teachers to Apply for Cathie Black’s Position as Chair of
Hearst Magazines

Greens Oppose Black’s Nomination, Launches Campaign to Restore
Community Control of Schools

What: Teachers to Apply for Cathie Black’s job at Heart Magazine;
Greens Launch Campaign to Restore Community Control of Public
Who: Green Party, teachers and ex-teachers and their supporters
When: Tuesday, November 30th, 11:00 am
Where: In front of Hearst Tower, 300 West 57th St. at 8th Avenue, Manhattan

On Tuesday November 30, several current and former teachers from the
Green Party of New York City will apply for the job of Chair of Hearst
Magazines that Cathie Black is vacating. Ms. Black has been nominated
by Mayor Bloomberg to head the NYC School System despite lacking the
minimal educational qualifications. The Greens contend the nomination
of Ms. Black highlights the problems with Bloomberg’s top-down
corporate CEO model of governance of the city school’s system.

If a magazine executive with no educational experience is qualified to
serve as chancellor of the nation’s largest school system, then it’s
only logical that an experienced teacher with no publishing background
should be eminently qualified to chair the board of a media
conglomerate. The teachers will bring books about the publishing
industry to demonstrate that they, like Ms. Black, fully intend to
“get up to speed” in their new profession.

The Greens will also launch the Green Platform for Public Education,
which opposes mayoral control. The Platform calls for publicly
elected NYC community school boards to elect a citywide school board,
which will hire the chancellor. To mobilize public support, the
Greens plan to take their campaign to NYC’s 59 Community Boards.